Paxil Related to Fetal Heart Defects In Pregnant Women

paxilPaxil has been linked to birth defects for women who have taken Paxil during pregnancy. A 2005 study of 3,500 pregnant women linked Paxil to twice as many birth defects when compared to other SSRI’s. Glaxo Smith Kline sent a letter to doctors saying that it is “difficult” to determine if Paxil was linked to the defects reported in the study.

A selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor, SSRI, is a commonly used anti-depressant. However, recently certain SSRI’s such as Paxil have been linked to fetal birth defects, mainly affecting the fetus’s heart. Links to fetal heart defects have been found by women taking Paxil, and on the Paxil website warnings have been issued alerting pregnant women to talk with a medical professional before taking Paxil, as these women may have an increased risk of malformations.

These malformations of the fetal heart mostly result in death. The most common heart malformations linked to Paxil and other SSRI’s are ventricular septal defects, which are holes between the heart’s two main pumping chambers. It is advised to not take Paxil when you are pregnant, and if you know someone who has taken Paxil while pregnant, encourage them to speak with a medical professional immediately. If you have taken Paxil during your pregnancy, and are still pregnant, please call a medical professional immediately and request a special checkup.

It is important to stay healthy while pregnant, physically and mentally

When you suffer from depression or other mental health disorders, it is important to stay mentally healthy in addition to staying physically healthy during pregnancy. Excess stress and tension can cause harm to your baby, and it’s no secret that poor nutrition can cause harm to your baby as well. Eat balanced meals, get plenty of vitamins and minerals (talk with your doctor about special pre-natal vitamins), and get plenty of rest and as much exercise as your doctor recommends.

FDA Alert Warns Expecting Mothers About Paxil

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned expectant mothers of the dangers of taking Paxil. Paxil studies, findings, alerts and warnings to the general public can be found on the FDA website. Recent FDA Alerts instruct doctors to weigh the benefits and risks of treating pregnant women with SSRI’s such as Paxil, and discourage using them at all later on during pregnancy.

It’s important to understand your rights if you feel your child was harmed during your pregnancy

So what should you do if you feel your child was harmed by Paxil, or another SSRI such as Prozac or Zoloft, because you took it during pregnancy? If you were taking Paxil during your pregnancy, please call us to discuss the specifics of your potential claim. There are statutory regulations that limit the time you have to file a claim, so don’t delay in seeking a FREE CONSULTATION immediately. We are here to serve. Failing to act allows the large pharmaceutical companies a break for placing profits ahead their consumers’ well-being.

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