DePuy Hip Implant Lawsuits

DePuy Hip Replacement Lawyer

If you received a DePuy hip implant, you have legal options. Patients who suffered DePuy hip lawyercomplications as a result of DePuy hip implants may be exposed to unforeseen medical complications and financial hardship. You are invited to call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to discuss your case with a DePuy injury lawyer. A DePuy lawsuit can seek reimbursement for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, punitive damages and other out of pocket expenses.

Are You a Victim of a J & J DePuy Hip Implant?

DePuy operates in many countries including Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Japan, Germany and France. In some of the countries DePuy operates as a brand under the Johnson & Johnson Medical organization. The products designed and manufactured by DePuy are mainly for bone fractures, reconstructing damaged joints and devices in soft tissue injuries.

Orthopedic surgery is typically performed to advance and restore lost movement. Shocking information revealed that 13% of patients who received the DePuy ASR hip replacements had to have the device removed due to its failure. Dr. Thomas P. Schalzried, designer of the DePuy’s ASR hip replacement, says that Johnson & Johnson and DePuy who designs, manufactures and distributes products for reconstructing damaged and diseased joints, knew for years that the DePuy’s hip systems were a challenge to implant properly. A California jury sent a clear message that Johnson & Johnson and DePuy put profit over safety.

Many orthopedic specialists agree that the design of the DePuy’s hip replacement is the reason for the high failure rate. The DePuy’s hip replacement cup is shallower than those manufactured by other companies. Data revealed that out of 93,000 patients who received the DePuy ASR hip implant, thirteen percent of the implants failed. That means almost 12,000 patients will have to undergo complex, risky, painful and expensive surgery.

If you are a victim of the DePuy’s hip replacement, we can provide information and help file a lawsuit for your injuries. We do not imply that all products are defective, but it can be determined through our investigation. You may be entitled to recover damages against Johnson & Johnson and DePuy for their defective medical device.

Depuy Hip Replacement Recall

DePuy blamed doctors for the hip implant failure rate and claimed that the doctors did not follow directions. In August 2010, after receiving hundreds of complaints, Johnson & Johnson unit DePuy Orthopedics recalled the ASR hip replacements. The DePuy ASR hip replacements were recalled in 2010, but documents confirmed that the DePuy management was notified as early as 2008 that the device appeared flawed.

A study by the National Joint Registry of England and Wales showed that thirteen percent of patients, who received a DePuy hip replacement, required a second hip replacement. The second hip replacement was in most cases a result of the loosening ASR cup, toxic metal that got into the bloodstream, metallic debris that caused allergic reactions or tissue mass because of debris.

DePuy even blamed the victims of being careless and negligent. The company also claimed recently that the victims contributed to their alleged damages and injuries. The DePuy Orthopedics unit of Johnson & Johnson is now facing more than 10,750 lawsuits. The FDA DePuy recall issued on July 11, 2013 affects numerous DePuy products and further shows the extreme dangers posed by the implants.

What is a DePuy ASR Hip Replacement?

The hip joint is located between the femur and the pelvic bone. If a patient experiences pain and treatment does not help, a total hip replacement may be recommended by your DePuty doctor. A hip replacement involves a posterior-lateral or an anterior-lateral approach. The anterior approach is when a small incision is made on the front upper thigh where the socket of the implant is inserted. A second small incision toward the back of the thigh is made to insert the stem of the implant.

In the case of DePuy ASR hip replacement, the ball and cup components are both made of metal. Many orthopedic specialists agree that the design of the DePuy’s hip replacement is the reason for the high failure rate. The DePuy’s hip replacement cup is shallower than those manufactured by other companies. Common complications of the DePuy ASR hip replacement are misalignment, toxic meal getting into the blood stream, loosening ASR cup, and metallic debris that caused allergic reactions or tissue mass because of debris.

The First DePuy ASR XL Trial in California

On March 13, 2013, the California jury awarded Loren Kransky $8.3 million for costs and damages caused by a DePuy ASR XL replacement device. Mr. Kransky, the plaintiff in the California case of Kransky versus DePuy Orthopedics, had to undergo surgery in order to remove the DePuy ASR XL implant. Even though Dr. Trotsky felt Mr. Kransky might not survive the surgery, the removal of the implant was absolutely necessary. Mr. Kransky experienced high levels of chromium and cobalt ions in his bloodstream which was a result of the hip implant. Despite Johnson & Johnson’s knowledge that chromium and cobalt ions were a serious threat, the company still allowed and distributed more than thirty-three thousand of the recalled hip replacements to be implanted in patients all over the United States of America.

DePuy claimed in court to have a 99.2% success rate, but the England and Wales registry and the Australian registry proved these figures to be false. In 2009, DePuy withdrew the DePuy ASR from the Australian market, but continued to market this device in the United States.

The Second DePuy ASR XL Trial

A fifty-four year old Illinois nurse, Carol Strum, filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson unit DePuy. Carol needed revision surgery caused by the metal hip replacement device. The plaintiff’s lawyer told the court that DePuy was aware of the design flaws and the complications it could cause. He added that DePuy never told the doctors, such as Strum’s surgeon about the risks. Strum’s attorney said if DePuy had done so, the case would not have been in court. The next trial will be in May in federal court in Ohio. The case number is Strum versus DePuy, 2011-L-9352, Circuit Court of Cook County Chicago.

Johnson & Johnson is currently facing almost 1o, 750 lawsuits, of which 500 are filed in state court in Illinois, more than 2,000 in state court California and three quarters of the total in federal court in Toledo. The other cases are in state court around the U.S.A.

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