Australian Woman Leads Trasylol Fight On Behalf of Her Father

A nurse in Riverland, Australia has been on a quest for the past 20 years to find out why Trasylol injury lawyerher father died after surgery when he was only 30 years old. Jennifer Lloyd Bishop was only two when her father suffered a fatal heart attack after a car accident in 1978. He left behind four children and a pregnant wife.

Jennifer started searching for answers when she was only 17 by obtaining her father’s medical records. It wasn’t until after she had trained as a nurse that the medical jargon began to make sense.

After questioning her colleague, Dr. Flanagan, the unfamiliar drug name, Trasylol, came up in the medical notes. Trasylol was given to Jennifer’s father to stop internal bleeding caused by the car accident.

The doctor did some internet research and found that the use of Trasylol had been suspended in the US in 2007 after studies showed the drug could cause kidney and heart failure in patients. After passing on the information to Jennifer, she took her story to the media.

Jennifer confronted Bayer, the pharmaceutical company who made and distributed Trasylol, and hired a team of attorneys to begin a class-action lawsuit. She also appealed to the Australian government for answers as to why Trasylol was used in surgeries like bowel surgery on her father, when it was only approved for cardiac surgeries.

The Nordic Group and Trasylol

Although Trasylol was taken off the market in 2007, Bayer sold its rights to the drug to another private European pharmaceutical company, The Nordic Group. In 2012, The Nordic Group announced its intentions to get Trasylol back on the market and into hospitals again. In 2011, Trasylol was re-approved for use in Canada, and in October 2013 Trasylol was reinstated in the European Union.

The Nordic Group was able to push this drug back on the market by claiming published studies on the risk of kidney and heart failure were unreliable.

Trasylol has not yet been reinstated in the United States, but pharmaceutical companies like The Nordic Group have consistently shown their lack of concern for the public. These drug companies consistently place money and their shareholders above the health and lives of those they claim to serve.

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Trasylol Lawsuit Lawyer

Our Trasylol lawyers are currently investigating the growing number of claims related to the use of Trasylol and kidney and heart failure. Thousands of claims have been filed against Bayer in the United States and hundreds of cases have already been settled.

You have the right to file a lawsuit if you or a loved one has experienced the severe side effects of Trasylol. If you have experienced kidney or heart failure after the use of Trasylol during heart surgery, our lawyers offer a FREE no cost evaluation by calling 855-402-7274. If we accept your case, there is NO FEE unless we win.

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