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Lexapro Birth Defect and Suicide Lawsuits

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Mounting evidence links the use of Lexapro while pregnant with fetal birth defects. The tragedy of having a child born with a birth defect is made infinitely worse when it is discovered that the makers of medications like Lexapro withheld data showing a link between Lexapro and birth defects. It is criminal to rob consumers of the information required to make an informed decision, especially when the consequences are so high. click to read "Lexapro Birth Defect and Suicide Lawsuits"

Nearly 70 Percent of Anti-Depressant Users Do Not Have Depression

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The popular anti-depressant Zoloft is being linked to birth defects by mothers prescribed the drug while pregnant. Evidence suggests the makers of Zoloft concealed the fetal injury risk of taking Zoloft while expecting in the name of increased profits. The worst part of it all is that studies show that 70% of these mothers may not have even needed the drug in the first place. click to read "Nearly 70 Percent of Anti-Depressant Users Do Not Have Depression"