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Lawsutis Claim DePuy Recklessly Endangered Lives

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Johnson and Johnson, the makers of the DePuy hip replacement, are facing punitive damages related to their defective hip replacements devices. Punitive damages are meant to punish a company for its intentionally causing harm. Punitive damages are designed to send a message to other corporations that similar conduct will not be tolerated. click to read "Lawsutis Claim DePuy Recklessly Endangered Lives"

Lawsuits Threaten to Burst the Da Vinci Bubble

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Jurors across the nation continue to hold the makers of the Da Vinci Robot surgery system liable to those injured. The makers of Da Vinci, Intuitive Surgical, are being held liable for issues ranging from a lack of proper training for those performing surgery, to defective medical device parts. Profits are being placed ahead of people and community jurors are finding it unacceptable. click to read "Lawsuits Threaten to Burst the Da Vinci Bubble"